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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Salmon with Basil Mayo

Salmon with Basil Mayo
Cooked up in our kitchen.
I thought the green matches nicely with this template, don't you think? :-P


Toe said...

Aaah.... my favorite ingredients... salmon, basil... and is there also pesto? :)

ann said...

Salmon here is very expensive, SR65/kl($17), and it was on sale last week. I didn't bother to check its regular price after the sale....hehehe.

vina said...

and i think it tastes heavenly!!!

my mouth's watering for that salmon...

JMom said...

hi toe, yes, pesto sauce for the pasta, and pesto base for the mayo! :)

hi ann, gosh that's expensive! no wonder you grabbed it on sale. I would too!

hi vina, yeah, it was really good. Very different from the usual plain salmon bake. Try it sometime, it's real easy :)