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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Killing me softly

Pork belly braised in shrimp paste
I just realized, reviewing this month's posts In Our Kitchen that I have been committing suicide by eating. Ah, but what a way to die....eating yourself to death with all the sinful and delicious delicacies ever dreamt up. I know I probably cause endless nervous ticks to all health freaks who visit my food blog. What with the egg yolks, sugar, butter and pork fat floating around lately. I must admit just thinking about them is making my mouth water but at the same time I am getting palpitations of guilt in my chest.

Normally, I do try to stick to healthy meals, but once in a while, and this is one of those whiles, I get a craving for FAT. And I mean the kind of fat that jiggles when you pick it up and practically melts in your mouth. And while my arteries are probably shrieking in terror of what's to come, I take out the 'secret pot' and concoct something so devilishly delicious, you would either swoon or drop dead at the mere thought of it touching your lips. This is one of those occasions.

The 'secret pot' is something coined by the Baby Rambutan and which I gladly share in. The secret pot is the dish that is usually unappreciated by no one else but us, and thus is small enough to serve just one. The secret pot thus only comes out when the rest of the family dinner has been prepared. The secret pot contains something that is usually so sinful and delicious that you'd want to consume it in the closet, and thank god that no one else likes it but you. Guilty pleasure awash you as you scrape the bottom of the secret pot. And always, as soon as you lean back and burp, you feel as if you've just been cuddled and swathed in something so comforting and heavenly. Such was the case with this dish, cooked up in the secret pot.


Chateau said...

Ooooh, i'm salivating too! I'm on a diet, no can-do! hehe
I have a "secret pot" dish too- dinuguan. My hubby and kids cringe just at the sight of it, they're disgusted. And I'm glad they are- i can have it all to myself! bwahahaha *evil laugh*

Ferdz said...

That pork belly looks devilishously sumptous. A very nice way to depart life by exploring the pleasures of the palate. Hehe

JMom said...

chateau, oh, i love dinuguan too! and I love my dad's version because he always puts the things bad for you like fat, innards, etc :) I haven't tried making dinuguan on my own yet, but yeah, when I do i'm sure it is destined to the secret pot too. :)

hi ferdz! thanks. Another way of committing unintentioned suicide, ha? ;)

MrsPartyGirl said...

i love that title! hehehe!

ann said...

You're right. It's another sinful recipe...hehehe.