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Friday, May 04, 2007

Makes you say hmmmm....or huh?

I had seen the thinking bloggers award in other blogs. I thought it was a good idea and I considered maybe doing the same thing and identify which of my regular blog reads make me think. I never thought that someone would ever name any of my blogs for this category though, that is until my darling Chad did just that with this post.

So I am not only flattered that he always thinks of my blog but he also made me think. So aside from Chas, here are a few of the bloggers that make me say hmmmmmm.

1. Sassy Lawyer, The Mommy Journals, and Pinoy Cook - no, I'm not cheating and naming three blogs as one category. I name them all together because they are written by one person, Connie Veneracion, who has a never ending supply of creativity and ideas.

2. Sightseer - is a photoblog by Dr. Emer. You would think I would have picked his medical blog, Parallel Universes; but you have to see the artistic side of this multi-faceted doctor to see how deep his photographs can make you think.

3. Kwentong Tambay - when I need a good laugh, I visit Batjay's blog. While putting a smile on your face, sometimes without you even realizing it, he has planted something for your to think about.

4. Francesca in France - Francesca draws you in with her candid stories about life, working for the rich and famous, and her family. It feels like chatting with an old girlfriend.

5. Wanderlust for the love of food and travel - Sha actually does not make me say hmmmmm but she makes me sigh with envy for how can you not help but envy a life of food and travel. She writes about her travels while working aboard a yacht and about food from the different places she visits accompanied by georgeous photographs that makes you oooh and aah while reading her blog.

Bloggers, don't forget that this is still a meme, so TAG you're IT! Post 5 blogs that make you think.


Emer said...

Salamat, JMom. Your recognition is truly an honor.

BatJay said...

salamat din JMom - that was really sweet of you. although i can't say that my latest post would make you think.


Connie said...

Meme ba 'to, JMom? May nagsali kasi sa Pinoymomsnetwork, as usual, wala pa akong nasusulat.

Nagulat ako sa pics ni Doc Emer. Ang galing ha! Inspired sobra.

chase said...

I read some of these blogs especially Ms. Sha's blog. I always love her recipes as well as travel pics!

JMom said...

hi doc, it's well deserved :)

Hi jay, oo naman, even the locker room post made me think....I think gaya din ako hi Ate Sienna ;-)

Hi connie, oo bagong meme yata ito. Ako rin nga, hindi masyadong nakakapost sa PinoyMomsNetwork dahil ang tagal na rin na may naisulat ako about parenting.
O diba ang galing ng 'eye' ni doc?

Hi chas, me too. I am doing my virtual travelling through Sha :)

Ferdz said...

2 of these I also visit. I just visited the others and they are really interesting :D

Francesca said...

ba, sali pala ako sa blog that makes you think?
merci ha?

My blog i think makes my readers think about Butler, their hero, lol

one day, ma post ko na rin photo nya. Dami kasi nag rerequest eh.
Ty, its a great honor!