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Friday, June 22, 2007

Shop 'til you drop

Online, it will take a long time before you drop from shopping. Especially when you take advantage of the many coupons available to help you save more money. I like shopping online because you don't spend countless hours walking around the malls looking for bargains. But my three girls may beg to differ on this. They and their friends can spend a whole day at the mall 'browsing' and come home with one T-shirt! I always say, 'geesh, I could have bought that for you online and would have only taken a few minutes'. 'That's not the point, mom!', they all moan back at me. Well, they are right, I guess I just don't get it, but I'm not fourteen anymore either and my knees can only take so much walking up and down the malls. If I'm going to do that much walking, I'd rather do it outdoors where the view is better.

Besides, just about every major store you find at the malls now have an online store and most of the times the savings are better than at the stores!  Here are a few stores that the girls and I have frequented lately:
  • BestBuy Coupons - I don't know how many mp3 players one teenager needs, but my girls seem to be constantly looking for the newest one. And don't even take their father in this store unless you planned to stay for a couple of hours.
  • Cellular Factory Coupon Codes - is where I go to counteract every 'good deal' on cell phones these girls try to sell me.
  • WalMart Deals - is where I try to steer them amidst much protests :) But who ever thought you could save anymore at WalMart? With online coupons you can!

    With online coupons, I can still get the savings from the comfort of my easy chair in front of the computer. The girls say it's not as much fun as the malls, but I say it is! Everytime I jingle the extra cash left in my wallet, that is ;-)

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