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Thursday, June 14, 2007

We have some catching up to do

I was half asleep when I heard this, so don't quote me on it. There was a show on the North Carolina PBS channel last night about the education our children are getting. One statistic mentioned was that children in Singapore and many Asian countries are far more advanced than American kids. They say that in terms of Math and Science education among 8th graders, the U.S. is way down the ranks, just slightly ahead of Slovenia. That is sad, for a country that is supposed to be the super power and is among the wealthiest in the world.

That must be why more and more parents are turning to Math Tutors and other learning enhancement centers to give their children the edge they are not getting in public schools. At this time, my girls for reasons they did not inherit from me, are naturally adept at numbers (they got that from their dad). They pass all their exit exams in the high 90th percentiles. However, when I hear statistics about how woefully behind we are from the rest of the world, I wonder if they could benefit from a little help.

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Joan said...

I dread the upcoming high school math courses!