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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Create your own magnets

Continuing with the kids on vacation, one thing that I have done with really memorable vacation photos is turn them into Custom Magnets
to permanently display on the refrigerator. Many businesses have also taken advantage of Custom Magnets to advertise their businesses. I have gotten business magnets from real estate agents, pizza take-outs, and lawn gardening services. What better way to keep your business on everyone's mind than to always have your name and number in sight every time they go near the refrigerator? I know it always works with me, everytime I stand in front of the refrigerator deciding what to make for dinner, that big pizza magnet just pops out at me, begging me to dial the number for delivery.

Another cute use of custom magnets that I have seen is a party favor! I have been to baby showers, birthdays and weddings where custom magnets were given away to commemorate the event. I love the calendar ones too. I thought it was pretty neat!

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Gina said...

I have tried this one. I got the magnetic sheet from the dollar store and since I like cutesy pics and sayings, I cut out/clipped an article from a magazine (with an image & quotation) and glued it to the magnetic sheet. voila! A new personalized fridge magnet!