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Monday, July 09, 2007

Hosting Solutions

Some of you might know that I've been considering getting my own domain for a while now. There are a million to one reasons why I should get my own domain but I only have one for staying with blogger. They make it so darn easy!

I'm still trying to learn all the ins and outs of having your own domain, hosting your own site, etc. I don't think I am nowhere near understanding all the details involved, but I think I'm getting closer and closer to deciding to just jumping in and doing it. Especially when I see sites that offer comprehensive solutions like Providing Affordable Reseller Hosting. offers hosting solutions for people like me who want to host their own websites or blogs. They give you tons of space, and with their packages you also get free Fantastico Deluxe and a free dedicated IP. I like that they provide free setup with the packages they offer.

For my purpose, their PEARL package will probably be more than enough. For $6.95 a month, you get 5GB of diskspace, 30GB transfer/bandwidth, FREE Fantastico Deluxe, Unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited emails, Unlimited FTP accounts, and Free set up. Wow! I can consolidate all my blogs in that one package and still have plenty of space left!

If you are more savvy than I am and are actually thinking of hosting other people, creating your own hosting company, they have services for this purpose also. Visit their site for more details.


icecold1967 said...


Leah said...

Looks likes a great deal.
Try getting a domain and redirect to blogger.

cheh said...

Hey JMom, Long time since my last dalaw,naging busy lang sa mga makuletz:)Musta mami J? na miss kita!!

It's really great to have your own domain ,try it & you'll know the btw,laki laki ng web space offer nila ha,pwede mag football sa loob.For me,getting a domain is to mainly consider your needs such as techie support.Sa isang teknobobong tulad kow,lol kailangan ang tech support.Ika nga , aanhin ko laki ng space kung hindi ko naman alam gamitin hehe Sa aking host naman, so far so good 'services & tech support' wise

Mari said...

A football size domain!!! I'll check this one out and see if I can play there.