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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm a Rockin' Girl

Dexie, the feisty momma, just gave me the Rockin' Girl Blogger award! It's to recognize any girl bloggers you know who rock. So thanks, Dexie for thinking I rock, and yes we really gotta have a tocino fest soon; and thanks to Roberta Ferguson for starting the trend.

I'll pass this award on to these five rockin' girl bloggers:
  • My daughter Jade - the girl rocks period! In blogging, she has surpassed her momma, as I'm sure she will be doing in other departments as well.
  • SisterO - rocks because she is in the midst of two terrible twos+ and although she only blogs whenever she has extra time, she still manages to be awesome.
  • The HipNCoolMomma - she rocks because she is just that, hip and cool.
  • Joan in Southern Suburbia - who writes with such candidness, she rocks!
  • The moms at Pinoy Moms Network - who truly rock the cradle, and rock on they do!

    For more Rockin' Girl Bloggers, check out Roberta's List of Rockin' Girl Bloggers.

    Francesca said...

    pareho tayo, rock girls din lola francesca. Nobayan, julogs, haha.

    O siya, kumusta sa mga rockin girls!
    keep rockin!

    mama mia, magagalet neto lolo!

    Mit_Moi said...

    Yay! It's Meme time, 'cause I just tagged you over at my place.

    You can go there to find the rules - it's simple. 8 factoids/habits about you, your readers don't know!

    From one RDU triangle girl to another!


    Ferdz said...

    That's a very cool award. Keep on rockin jMom!

    HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

    thanks JMom! You're the second friend to award me with this Rockin'Girl Blogger!

    let's all rock!

    JMom said...

    yehah! galing natin, lola, rocker girls pa rin tayo :)

    hey, mit_moi! thanks for the tag, I'll do it soon, promise :)

    thanks, ferdz!

    all right, another rockin' momma blogger :)

    Omom said...

    OMG!!! LMAO! How in the world did I miss this post from 3 YEARS AGO???!!!! Slightly belated on my part but geez, sis, THANKS! <3

    My blog has accumulated heavy dust from non-use....I really must turn it off until I have more time to blog-blog, hahaha!!! I ran into this looking for tocino recipe of all things....I've been into a lot of pork lately (which probably explains my elevated BP!). Anyway, LOVE YA!!!