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Monday, July 09, 2007

Medical Office Scanner

When you have kids, you inevitably end up going to the doctor a lot. Everytime I take my kids for the many check ups and mini emergencies they have, we are always asked for their medical insurance cards even though we have been going to the same doctor and hospital for years. I've often thought, why don't they keep this information in one place so they don't have to keep asking for it? Also in this high-tech age, I have never seen much logic in them having to photo copy the cards everytime we visit. It's a waste of ink and paper not to mention personnel time.

It may be nice if our doctor's office had one of these medicscan card scanning system. What this does is scan your medical insurance card, and the image gets stored along with your medical history so they don't have to keep photo copying your card everytime you make an office visit. It saves the office staff time because they don't have to get up, walk over to the copy machine and waste ink and paper copying your insurance card. With medicscan everything can be accomplished at their work station. By simply feeding your card in the scanner, they make a digital copy of your card, front and back, in a matter of seconds, and this image can then be filed with your records which are, for the most part in digital format already anyway. Not only that, the scanned image is more readily visible than copied images. Have you ever tried photo copying your credit cards? You know what I mean.

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Mari said...

Every time I go to my doctor the nurses would ask me how old I am. My year of birth is right there in front of them. Gees.