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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Pop!

OMG, I'm such an absent minded dork! My dad's birthday just passed and I totally forgot to call him! My dad is a really low maintenance guy so I'm sure he doesn't mind, which makes me feel even worse just because of that, he doesn't realy expect much most of the time. He's never been one to expect gifts like watches, cufflinks, or ties. Not that he doesn't like them when he receives them. He does. It's just nowadays, his life is much simpler. He doesn't have to get dressed up to go to work anymore, his time is pretty much his own. One of the things he enjoys, I know, is a good massage. He's a sucker for those portable masseuse places at the mall. LOL! I'm sure he would have appreciated a good shoulder massage or a good foot rub rather than anything you can wrap up in a box. I, being the dorky daughter that I am, failed to give him either :( So I owe you one, pop! I hope you had a happy birthday anyway. Love you!

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