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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Home is where the heart is

This is where I grew up, a little house on a hill in the basin of Los Angeles. Before my sisters and I arrived in this country, my mom decided that she needed a house for us to arrive in. She and our step-dad started looking for houses that they can afford. They saw some magnificent properties (she told us about one of them, and we wished she they had gotten that one instead. it had a pool!) and some that were not so good. They have always been conservative consumers and they did just spend a whole lot of money bringing us to the U.S. from the Philippines, so they didn't want to over extend themselves. They settled on this house.

Ever since then, it has been home for us. My step-dad worked on making it comfortable for us, doing most of the work himself. Our house was in constant adjustment just like its inhabitants. Many memories are stored in this little house and it is still home to me even though I don't live there anymore. My sisters feel the same way. Now, only my mom and grandma live here. Our neighbors have come and gone, but mom is still holding court here. During the summer, the house burgeons with granddaughters and their friends as it did this past month. Now it has quieted again probably to the relief of its inhabitants. lol! But I sure do miss it, and people inside it.

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exskindiver said...

it is good to have been from a good home where you have great memories--so that you can build new memories for your children in your home of today.