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Friday, August 31, 2007

A Piece of God's Country

We just had a company hot dog cookout to celebrate the upcoming Labor Day weekend. I was sitting with our President and CEO and he was telling us that he and his wife are getting ready to go on a two week vacation to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. He and his wife have been going to that region for the last few year. They just love it they said it is beautiful up there; God's country as many would say. He also disclosed that they learned an interesting bit about the real estate up there. On the Wyoming side on the Teton's they say that real estate prices are now beyond reach of the working man's pocket book. But while they were up there, my boss who is a very personable type of guy and can talk to anyone, found out that if you cross the border into Idaho, you still have terrific a view of the mountains but without the high real estate prices! So, he tells us, they have bought a couple of lots within view of the range and hope to someday retire there. Sounds like my kind of place to retire. Lot's of open land around. Let's just hope it's still that way by the time they retire.

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