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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Resource for Nursing Moms

Everyone knows the benefits of breast feeding, but not everyone does it because as any mom who has ever breast fed can tell you, it may be the most natural thing in the world but it certainly does not mean it is easy. Breast feeding is hard work. It requires patience and time that most new and already frustrated moms do not have.

What with the issue in New York of 'encouraging' mothers to breast feed their babies being such a hot topic in the media right now, I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about which offer a different kind of encouragement to lactating mothers. The website was created by women who are enthusiastic about the benefits of breastfeeding and decided to provide a one-stop site for anything to do with breasfeeding from providing support and information to products like breast pumps, nursing pillows, nursing bras which make breast feeding a rewarding experience for both mother and baby.

I breast fed all my girls, and I can attest to all the benefits mentioned in all the publications. I can say that with each child, breast feeding got easier, more second nature. So it's true what they say about practice makes perfect. Well, I can't say I perfected the method, but it was nice to have the right tools like a good breast pump and adequate nursing bras to make the whole process easier.

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