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Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekend and breakfasts

Thank God it's Friday! I can't wait to relax over the weekend. You've already checked out the grits and shrimps I posted about earlier, right? That would be great to have on Sunday. Weekends are great because it is really the only time that we cook a full breakfast. And my husband loves a good breakfast! I think the only thing that would make a weekend complete is if you get a chance to get away to one of those Bed and Breakfast places and thoroughly relax without thinking about other weekend chores like cleaning and doing laundry. I think I am still on vacation mode! :)


Mari said...

I love shrimps, but I have stayed away from it after that expose about them in China. Will wait for a while longer till they do something about them.

Aah, weekend...will have a great breakfast - eggs, bacon or fried dried little fish and fried rice...and coffee. Hmmm...yummy.

Have a great weekend.

Francesca said...

bed and breakfast, its so nice!
i woke up at 5 am, took my coffee etc etc for bfast, at 9am back to bed!
yan ang bed an bfast ko, on a lazy sunday!