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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Travel and Learn

The world is the best classroom there is that is why I just love to explore and travel whenever I can. I believe young people should be encouraged to venture out to the world's classroom too. I am so glad that my daughters have gotten my wanderlust bug and are just itching to go somewhere all the time.

Recently, I've been noticing an increasing number of niche travel agencies that specialize and cater to different interests. I realized not too long ago that there is a need for expatriates in this country, for example, to send their American born children on discovery tours of their native countries. Sometimes this is necessary rather than just taking your kids there yourself, like I did when I took the girls to the Philippines for the first time last year.

Now CE Tours is another niche which caters to students who are looking for and investigating places to attend college. That's where my girls are at right now. Although they are only in their freshman and sophomore years in high school, we have already started considering universities and colleges. Anyone who has ever traveled will tell you that places, once you get there, look nothing like the brochures. Well it's the same way with schools. Until you step on campus, you just don't get a 'feel' for what it's going to be like to spend your days there. More importantly, you are not going to be bound within just the campus walls (at least you hope not) so it is also imperative that you like the town that your university is located at. You will be living there for at least four years, after all. CE Tours gives this opportunity to students. Especially those who are coming from different states, they will provide students with an overview of not just the campus but also the surrounding community.

Whether you’re looking at colleges or just looking for adventure, CE Tours will arrange to give students a rewarding experience.

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