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Friday, October 26, 2007

Breaking Habits

TGIF! Went out to lunch today at On the Border for my co worker's birthday. I found out something about me that has changed today. I started to refuse to go to lunch because 1) I didn't have any cash on me and 2) I gave my husband my debit card this morning so he can go to the ATM and draw some cash for me to spend this weekend. The revelation came when, after my quick, "sorry, can't go, no money" reply was, I had a credit card on me!

No, no, it's not that it's so unusual for me to have a credit card on me. It's the fact that I did not for once consider my credit card as a source of money. There was a time when it was second nature to count my available credit balance as part of what I have available to spend. Like it was cash in the bank or something. So, I was rather proud of myself today and did not feel at all guilty splurging on lunch and putting an activity on my long dormant credit card. It was an emergency after all ;)

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