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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monster Trucks

With Christmas fast approaching, we can all use tips on great gift ideas. One sure-to-please gift are Remote Control Cars. They are not just for boys, even my girls love them! Asi has a big monster truck remote car that she's had since she was seven.

My husband likes to talk about how when he was young he loved building model cars from kits and this would always be on his Christmas wish list. Now, how awesome is it that you can not only build your model cars like he used to, but now you can motorize them so that you can actually drive them remotely! Whether you're an old pro at building remote control cars or just a novice, you can learn everything you need to know about remote control cars from this website. They have tons of articles, how-to information, product reviews and comparisons, and just lots of neat stuff on remote control cars. You can spend hours following one link to another!

Now if you are into something extreme, you've got to check out Nitro RC Cars. I didn't know you could have a gas powered RC car! If you didn't know this either, they will walk you through the process with tips and advise on which ones to get and learn how to maintain one once you do.

Now my Asi, I know she'll like these RC Trucks. The ones on the website are similar to the one she's had forever. I know she'll be salivating if she sees these monster trucks. Actually, so will be her dad. Hmmm.....don't know whether they should see this site after all or not.

Do you have a remote enthusiast in your house?

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Elween said...

ehm..our families do not have any particular taste on these engines...LOL

anyway just drop by to say hello. have a nice day! :)