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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Relieving PMS

When a woman is grumpy, especially this particular woman, don't be crass and ask if she's PMSing unless you are not particularly fond of your head. Seriously though, is it any wonder that a woman can get downright evil during this time of the month? Let any man try having cramps, bleeding, headaches, backpains, cravings, and what have you every three weeks or so and let's see if they too don't start being grumpy.

I don't usually take medication unless I have to, like when it's prescribed. But once in a while when I become in dire need of PMS relief I will take something. When I start feeling better, I ask myself, now why didn't I take that darn pill sooner? I guess the PMS also heightens my stubbornness. At my age, I am now also getting pre-menopausal symptoms. No fun at all. But I'm learning to succumb to the pill when I start feeling bad and not wait until I'm miserable and I've also made everyone around me miserable.

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