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Friday, October 05, 2007

Smokin' Signal

Our way of communication has come a long way since the days of puffing smoke to indicate an event. Now we have cell phones and, as irritating as it is sometimes, they are here to stay and they just get better everyday. There was a time when car phones were big cumbersome units that you plug into your car and only are able to use while in the car. Then there were those huge walkie talkie looking cell phones that weighed a ton, but if you didn't mind lifting weights, you can carry them around with you anywhere. Now we have sleek, slim, stylish and multi functional cell phones that can go anywhere easily, unobtrusively. The nagging problem though that has been since the beginning is connection. The "can you hear me now?" commercial is no joke. There are still services where poor connection and dropped calls are commonplace. So people resort to cell phone booster to improve their signals. It's a great idea, especially when you're prone to be in signal poor areas like the middle of the ocean or your own basement.

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