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Monday, October 29, 2007

SPONSOR POST: 10 Tips for Buying a New Home

Homes can be a nightmare to sort out once you buy them, making sure the windows are double glazed, checking the windows and doors and the possibilities of extending it’s size. Here are 10 tips you might need before you actually make the purchase

1. Hire a Home Inspector to do a survey

2. Choose between points and the rate

3. Get help from a professional

4. Do research on the property before making a bid.

5. Try to buy in a nice area with schools, supermarkets etc.

6. Don’t stress if you can’t meet an initial deposit amount.

7. Go for somewhere you can afford, don’t try to stretch the budget.

8. Decide if you are going to stay or not, if not then don’t buy.

9. Get yourself pre-approved before going on the hunt for homes

10. Check out your credit status and try to build up some funds

1 comment:

Francesca said...

The No ten is where I failed when I look for a property to buy.
Kahit pa utang, I have to fork out at least 20% of the amount daw!

Hirap ano?