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Monday, October 01, 2007

Travel Insurance

There is nothing more frustrating or disappointing than spending months planning a vacation only to have an unexpected event waylay your well laid plans. That is where a good travel insurance coverage can come in handy.

Whether you have a medical event or other circumstance that prevents you from completing your vacation plans, a good travel insurance will save you from losing too much. Cover My Travels has over 65 travel insurance policies that will apply to your individual needs and circumstance. Some people who are sick or with pre-existing conditions will not dare travel for fear that they will become ill while travelling and will have to abort. Same thing with senior citizens. Sometimes they don't venture far from home for fear that they will get sick or break something while travelling and their insurance won't cover their treatment. These are just some of the eventualities that are covered by travel insurance. If you lose personal belongings, passport, cash or are subjected to additional cost due to travel delays and cancellations, these are also some of the things that could be covered by travel insurance.

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