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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Go Live Mobile!

Do you remember when car phones came out? Yeah, they weren't called mobile phones then, just car phones. Just imagine how awesome it was to be able to use the phone in your car! We had one of those cumbersome car battery looking boxes that you plug into your car, and off you go. Anyone can call you, you can call anyone.

Fast forward twenty or so years later, and look at what we got. They are now mobile phones. You can take them with you anywhere you go, and I mean anywhere. Every year they get sleeker, smaller, and do more things than you can imagine. You now can have a phone with a camera, can play music and videos, texting, internet access; you basically have a mini computer in the palm of your hands. Almost everyone you know and their grandmother now have a cell phone. It's on the verge of being ridiculous, if you ask me, but what a treasure trove if you're a marketer!

None of us like getting spam or junk mail be it on our emails or cell phones. However, marketers cannot ignore the possiblities for mobile marketing. Some countries are already far ahead of us, for instance, in using their phones for commerce. Can you imagine marketing your brand to cell phone users who not only will get your 'tickle' they can also use their phones to instantly purchase your product using mobile billing? I'm sure you've seen those ads where people use their cell phones to pay for a soda from a vending machine, for example. To market to mobile phones though, is a little different from marketing on other media.

If you are an advertiser, it would probably be wise to hire an expert in Premium SMS and Mobile Marketing Solutions. They can tailor a marketing strategy specifically for your brand.

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