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Monday, November 26, 2007

The hives!

Last Saturday night, while I was getting undressed for bed, I noticed that my legs and back were itching. I thought it was just cause the weather had turned cold and sometimes when my skin gets dry, I start itching. This time though, the itching got worst even after I applied lotion, then they started welting up into these nasty looking red areas all over. Husband thought it may be shingles or some kind of allergic reaction. I was thinking I got welts on my behind because I was parked on my sister-in-law's bar stools for a couple of hours straight. But, it turned out to be a combination of all of the above. It turns out, I am allergic to the Italian Cream Cake that I was eating perched on the stool. The cake had black walnuts on it, and that was what aggravated the hives!

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Tami said...

I love my bar stools but, Im not able to sit very long without getting an irritation of some sort!