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Monday, December 17, 2007

Drugs, Sex and Rock n Roll?

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. If ever there was a subject more difficult to tackle in almost any home, it would be these subjects. The old school way method of addressing taboo subjects used to be to have an assembly like meeting, cover the main talking points, then subject closed. We don't ever talk about it again.

Now a days, thank God we've improved a degree for the sake of our children. In our house, we try to take things in bits and pieces rather than tackling each subject in one huge bite.

For instance, the other day, my 14 year old daughter asked me out of the blue, can you get high if you smoke dried basil? LOL!! We have lots of dried basil from our garden. Bags of them! So I'm like, uhmmmm........ I don't know, I never tried smoking it myself, but I doubt that you would get any kind of high from basil. It will probably smell good though.

So she said while her girl friends were at the house the other day, they saw the bags of dried basil in the closet, so one of them asked if it was weed. My stupid daughter said yes, we grow it in the backyard. I am just waiting for the cops to knock on our door anyday now.

So that started the conversation about drugs and how people get started and end up in drug rehabilitation places if they are lucky to get there first. Then for some reason, the conversation segued into Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix and how they died of drug overdoses. My head was kind of spinning by the end of this conversation.

My daughter has some kind of knack of turning a simple question into a two hour discussion. But, it was all good. I just hope she learned something from the bits and pieces I managed to dole out.

So is it any wonder that for dinner we had spaghetti with lots of basil?

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