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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Holiday Vacation

Every holiday, we keep saying we should go away instead of staying home to celebrate. We are again toying with the idea, but there is just nothing that beats that feeling you get on Christmas morning and you run to the tree to see what Santa has brought you. So we're thinking, what if we go after the Christmas presents are opened and spend a few days away from home?

I started looking at Hotel Reservations for nearby areas we'd like to visit and checked out I checked the other sites too, and found that it was worth comparing sites. There are price differences not only in prices but also in hotel listings. I like the fact that bed and breakfast inns and vacation rentals were included in the mix when I searched I hadn't thought about the bed and breakfast or vacation rental, so I was really glad I was given that information. Now I am concentrating my search to those types of accommodations. It's perfect for a family of five!

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