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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Website for Hubs?

My husband has been working on getting his business website up since before Christmas and it is coming along fine with the help of our daughter Jade. She has become quite adept at website design, all because she started blogging when she was 11 :) Now she is not writing as much, it is fine because she is into something else. She is now doing pixelling stuff. Don't ask me what that is, I don't know. lol!

If you're curious though, you can check out her ever changing domain at Bella-Umbrella. Asi the anime addict can barely drag herself from her RO sites to blog, but she's got her own domain too. So is it any wonder that The Clone just gave a very strong HINT about getting her domain? She's already said goodbye to the old one. LOL!

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