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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rest in Peace, Heath Ledger

I should say something about the untimely passing of Heath Ledger. I didn't have time to pipe in with the rest of the world wide world this week when apparently news articles, blog posts and searches for the the actor's name spiked this past week. While I don't usually try hard to remember actor's names in movies I like, I always liked the actor who starred in A Knight's Tale. I love that movie! It was much later that I learned of Keith Ledger when Brokeback Mountain blitzed the media with their promotion.

From the snippets of news I've heard and a few internet articles I've perused, it seems to be that he died of a drug overdose, whether on purpose or by accident is still to be determined. I've seen a few articles and blog posts who tie in this incident with the way celebrities seem to be in and out of rehabs and still end up in this same demise. I don't know much about Ledger's off screen life, so I can't comment whether he also falls in that mold or not. It is just sad to see someone so young with so much promise with their lives cut short.


Gina said...

I believe 'A Knight's Tale' is the first movie of his that I watched. And I enjoyed that one very much too. Then I saw him on Brothers Grimm which I liked as well.
What a shame... so young, so full of promise. May he rest in peace.

Btw, I enjoy reading your 'Living in Peace and Style' blog.

gilbert yap tan said...

Hi JMom, it's Heath not Keith. I share your sentiments nonetheless. :)

JMom said...

gilbert, I knew that! hahaha!!!!

Thanks for pointing that out, my daughter is laughing at me. She said what kind of blogger am I? lol!!!

When I wrote this, I actually just finished reading about how bloggers mangled his name! hehe! I guess I subconciously joined the club ;)

hi gina! good to know you've visited my 'other' blog :) thanks!

gilbert yap tan said...

Hi JMom, There's another "Keith," look again. :) Sorry, I can't help it; it's the editor in me.