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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey There Stranger!

Hey guys its me! JADE!! I know it's probably been like 2 years since I posted on here since I had all those other sites in-between. Well now I have my own site-eroo! Or my own domain that is. It's linked to the title. Bella-Umbrella is my other pen-name on this here thing called the internet.

So yes, I've missed you! And I know it was cruel of me to leave you like I did! So I apologize and hope you will find it in your heart to visit my lonely little site ( every now and again. And perhaps tell others of it?

Please then, come to my blog--you know you want to. We have pixels and scribbles and icons and interesting tidbits of life all for the low low price of totally free!

I look forward to seeing you--you'll be on my sitemeter! Love!

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