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Monday, February 04, 2008

My Blog Collection

PhotobucketIt seems the number of blogs that I maintain keeps on growing. It's due in part to my desire to compartmentalize things. It's also due to greed, I admit ;-) I am finally making some income from my blogging and it's hard to quit it!

I'm not blogging everyday (yet) but I do try to rotate between my blogs. So here's are few things that's been going on:

In our new house,, I have photos of my brown backyard and, if you're interested, my ramblings about Saturday's Errands.

In our kitchen, I cooked up Rib Ends Braised in Green Tomato Chutney and Challah Bread with Raisins.

I posted a few more reviews on Found Not Lost and I am really trying hard (haven't been too successful) to revive my Photo Blog.

I started a blog on blogging and I am still working on Living Life in Peace. Oh, and of course I try to keep my Blogger blogs alive. Whew!

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