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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Something for Dad

While the girls and I were out looking for jeans last weekend, I made a mental note to stop at the wine store to get their dad a treat. For him, a treat is nice bottle of merlot so I make it a point to bring him a bottle or two everytime we go shopping. It's my subconcious attempt to justify our spending I suppose. lol!

Sometimes though, when I am out browsing the aisles at the wine store, I wonder whether I should get more than a bottle at the time to save myself a trip or two. Maybe if I stock up on a few bottles he can finally utilize the wine racks he got for Christmas. I'm sure that would make him happy.


Sarah said...

What a fun thing to do for your husband, and you can enjoy, too!!

Thanks for stopping by~
Happy WW!

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Thanks Scott

Jet said...

Hi JMom! Oooh, wine cellars! We got ourselves a tiny 12-bottle wine cooler too, since he likes his reds and I like my whites and the whites won't survive room temp... hehe. Now they're a good mix in there... 6 and 6 apiece. :D

Francesca said...

JMOM musta?


Bili na ng wine racks, lol