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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A shopping Spree

The girls and I are going to go shopping today. First because I just got my tax refund :) but also because we've been needing some stuff around the house that I've been putting off because I had to pay bills first. Anyway, we're going in search of a new shower curtains as our little 'hercules' pulled down the one we have and one side of it has been hanging off. My husband, bless his heart, did duct tape it back together again, but it just looks really tacky now. Next thing we're hunting for is new blinds. The ones we have are falling apart and old plus we need to check out some kitchen faucets so we can maybe replace the leaky one we have now.

Yesterday, we went and got new comforters for the girls beds. All three of them. So you know my balance is slowly dwindling. :(


Lawstude said...

Hello. Amazing entries and fun and informative to read. Got here via Carlo/Kegler747. Have a nice day!

the donG said...

at least you enjoyed your shopping spree with your daughters. a time to special for them.

JMom said...

Hi Lawstude and TheDong! Thanks for the visit :) it's been a shopping kind of weekend. Good for the psyche not for the wallet lol!

Francesca said...

Bawiin mo na lang sa ppp ang gastos, hehe.