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Monday, March 17, 2008

Techy Weekend

I think I've mentioned before how my husband got her own hosting since Jade made him feel bad about using up so much space and bandwidth on our host site. lol! My husband is learning the ropes around web development since his webmaster, Jade, is so temperamental. He has to cajole and practically beg her to get going on his website. This weekend, she was so mad at him for moving the website she designed to another server, and now none of it was working. hehe! My husband had been working on fixing it himself all wee just so he won't have to beg her. This weekend, she finally got around to looking at what was wrong. She was mumbling and grumbling about it, but it took her all of two hours to get things fixed and up and running again. LOL!

My husband is really more of a hardware man. He can take our PC's apart and put them back together again, no problem. Just don't let him look at codes. Lately he's been adding peripherals that I don't even know what they are for, but I think he's got an external hard drive, HDMI switches and some other stuff for the internet. I think it may be a new modem or router. I'm not sure and I really don't care what snakes around our computers just so long as I can get on the internet :)

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