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Monday, April 07, 2008

Spaced Out at Midnight

We don't have cable and there are times when I get bouts of insomnia and end up cycling though the six or seven channels on all night, half of them infomercials. There are a few things that usually catches my ear long enough for me to stop for a few minutes such as those that claim to give you clearer skin, any cooking gadget and sometimes I even stop to watch the ones that teach you how to become a millionaire.

There are quite a few gadgets seen on late night TV that I wouldn't mind trying out, but I'm always too lazy to get up to pull out my credit card and dial the phone to ever order. Now there is a place where you can order overstocks of As Seen on TV Products online, at your own convenience. I've been eying those space bags for a while now and I'm considering ordering some just in time for spring cleaning. You do know what space bags are, right? They are the plastic bags that you can vacuum flat to store things more efficiently and more compact.

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