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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring is Slowly Springing

The girls went back to school today after a 6 day spring break. I think they were a little glad to go back. We didn't really do anything during their break since hubby and I had to work and the weather wasn't very cooperative either. Jade went out a couple of times with her friends and shopped some, but for the most part they were holed up inside the house either watching videos or playing on the computer. I took a couple of laptops home from work so they each had one to play on so they were happy about that.

There were a couple of days when the weather cleared up so hubby took advantage and did some work in the backyard and around the house. He even cleaned the exterior shutters and gutters because they got kind of clogged between the rains and the pollen that is already starting to accumulate. Yep, spring is slowly creeping in. We're glad, too!

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