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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting Ahead in Business

Yesterday was the annual family reunion. It was our side of the family's turn to host the event this year so it has been a busy month trying to organize the logistics of hosting the event. It seemed like a lot of work and it was, but it was all worth it. Everyone had a good time and kids got to see all their cousins again which is what these events are all about anyway. Our lives are so busy nowadays that we don't always have the chance for casual gatherings during the rest of the year save for the annual reunion.

I got to talk to some of our nieces who are just getting out into the world on their own. One of our nieces was talking about setting up a small business and while she has a degree in business already under her belt, she admits that the idea of coordinating a business and managing employees while staying organized is one of her weak points. Some people, are going back to school to learn a higher process of organization leadership and I think that she would be just the type of person who could benefit from a course like this. An Organizational development program is offered at Gonzaga University online, for example.

Professionals seeking to enhance their leadership, organizational, collaborative and interactive skills can earn a masters degree in Organizational Development or better, Organizational Leadership. These courses will help you draw on your inner strength to make you a better leader. This is the kid of course that can lead to career advancement for most business professionals.

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