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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reviving this old me

You know how they say that stress wreaks havoc on your skin? Well that has not been more apparent than the last couple of months. Not only have I been having sleep problems, I have also been feeling like a teenager with skin breakouts and added wrinkles. And don't even mention the added gray hair.

So this week, along with my determination to get back on track, I also decided to do something for myself. For the first time, I bought some hair dye to get rid of the grays; I bought an anti wrinkle cream (god forbid! this was hard to admit to!); and finally I bought some acne body wash to get rid of the breakouts.
old me
So, do you think there's hope to fix this mug? I also got some under eye cream, btw, and will be giving an update in a few weeks if any improvements can be noticed.

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