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Monday, October 25, 2010

How was your weekend?

My oldest daughter, who's been away at college, came home last weekend for her baby sister's birthday. She hasn't been home since she went away in August and we've missed her. It sure was nice to have her home. She also missed my cooking so it was a good thing she came home on her sister's birthday weekend, we cooked up a mess of food and she went away happy and with all the leftovers. lol!

It was tiring for me since I had to go pick her up last Friday and when we've gone to her school in the past, her dad always drove us. This was the first time I drove the 6 hours roundtrip on my own. Then it was the same way again when it came time to take her back on Sunday. We got started late yesterday so it was late last night by the time we got home. I'll have to find something now to remove dark circles under eyes, but that's ok. It was worth it just having my three girls home at the same time.

The first thing my daughter asked for when she got home is, Tocino! It's what she wanted for breakfast, so Saturday morning, this is what she ate.


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