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Friday, November 12, 2010

Do You Still Send Holiday Cards?

I used to stress so much over sending out cards that I would start compiling my lists and getting the cards addressed and ready just about now. But the last couple of years, I decided to cut back on the stress and the expense. Yeah, it can get pretty expensive sending out cards! Especially when you have a list as long as ours which include overseas addresses.

Thank goodness for email! No, I really don't mind emailed cards. I don't get offended but some people do. So if you're still sending out cards this holiday, consider making personalized cards and order them online from on of many direct mail printing places. They will print your cards cheaper than if you buy them by the box, and the ones that you print will be personalized making them more meaningful for the people you send them to.


sre94 said...

My 64-year-old mother still lives for sending out Christmas cards!


Success said...

I cannot remember the last time is sent a holiday or even birthday card for that matter. Frankly, I prefer not to receive them either, because the day after, I am like, ok, what am I going to do with this. I want the throw it out but feel bad, but I don't want it sitting on my counters creating clutter... LOL