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Friday, December 24, 2010

From our House to Yours

We just got home from doing some last minute shopping. Not really for gifts, we got some more food to hibernate on over the weekend. We're planning on having a simple Christmas this year. Instead of us blindly shopping for each other, we decided to have some major girl after-Christmas sales shopping time next week instead. While our friends are fretting over which gadget they want or getting for someone, we are having a stress free Christmas and concentrating instead on what this day really means. So no worries about power tools, or zero tolerance knives, or Wiis, PSP, or iPods or laptops. No anxieties over ugly sweaters and unwanted presents either. Best of all, no major clean up after the gift opening mellee.

I admit, it's unconventional, but for us, at the stage my girls are in now, it works. So when everyone is doing the gift frenzy tomorrow, we will be enjoying a dim sum frenzy instead. No matter how you're celebrating this holiday, I hope it is enjoyable and meaningful for you.

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