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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winter is Coming!

Yes, you Game of Throne fans will know what I'm talking about. Winter is coming! and it is now time to ready yourselves.

I know it's hard to even think about sweaters when it's sweltering hot outside, but keep in mind that the time to shop for clothes is when they are not in season. Ergo, you shop for winter wear in the summer and for summer frock in the winter. I know, crazy, right?

To get into the mindset of winter, start considering classic winter wear. And what could be more classic than cardigans? And when we think cardigans, there is nothing better than Irish cardigans. Check out ShamrockGift for instance. You know you've owned similar sweaters over the years. You probably still have at least one in your closet. They don't ever go out of style. No matter what the current trend, these sweaters remail stylishly classic. You can combine them with trendy accessories and like magic, that fleeting trend is elevated to classic!

ShamrockGift is your destination if you're looking for genuine Cardigan made in Ireland, hand crafted and unique and still affordable. Check out their line of very nice Aran Sweater for men and women.

Considering that these sweaters are handmade, authentic made in Ireland goods, the prices are actually not that bad at all! They cost online, about the same as what you would pay in department stores. Maybe even less. I have seen handmade Irish cardigans at high end department stores selling for hundreds of dollars. The sweaters at ShamrockGift are priced quite reasonably and according to their website, orders over $100 ship free!

So check them out.

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