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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anthony Bourdain on Travel & Pig

I remember reading this quote from Anthony Bourdain several years back about travel and I just happened to think about it again recently:
Let things happen to you, good things and bad things. It’s almost invariably rewarding. And of course, avoid the hotel, avoid Western food, if you see other Westerners, run away. Avoid backpacks, maybe dreadlocks is not a good choice for you if you’re a white guy. Forget who you are. You’re never going to melt into Asia. They won’t have you completely. But that’s okay. You can love them, and you can love Asia, and Asia will love you back.
~ Anthony Bourdain"

I've always loved the idea of going local when traveling. I mean, what else would be the point of traveling if you didn't get the full immersion treatment? There is just something romantic about sleeping on the ground or a hay bed, without benefit of bed frames. Well, that is until the itchies start to get you. lol!

Anyway, speaking of traveling local, that is just what chef and author Anthony Bourdain and his crew are doing for the show, Without Reservations, which I love but don't get to watch since we don't have cable TV. But, that's story.

They finally went to the Philippines this season and I was excited to see all the foods I've been missing but also because I got to see some bloggers who were chosen to be his food guide. Best of all, he declared the Philippine lechon (whole roasted pig), the best pig ever!

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