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Friday, January 26, 2007

Tenk you, tenk you

Before we left for vacation, I had written this for

Although we may not have looked like the Christmas card images of carolers, visiting neighbors and singing Christmas carols during the holiday season has been indelibly inked into my memories. The music has always touched me and given me great joy as a girl, even to this day. It's not because I sang well, but I enjoyed singing nonetheless and the cameraderie with friends was unforgettable. Back then, I relished going to church for the midnight service and midnight snacks afterwards. Even though there was no snow, I even enjoyed the shivers of being out in the cold so late at night with the festiveness in the air and the promise of something warm and delicious at the end of the evening.

These are a few of the things that I would like my girls to have a taste of. I don't know that things will still be exactly the same, I'm sure plenty have changed in the last thirty years or so, but my hopes are high that a little of the magic can still be found. With the help of extended family and friends, I think it just may be possible.

I was really looking forward to sharing with the girls the tradition of Christmas carollers while we were in the Philippines. I was hoping maybe they would even learn to sing a Filipino Christmas carol or two.

They did enjoy listening to the numerous children and church groups who graced our porch steps nightly, serenading us with their renditions of Christmas songs old and new, in English and Pilipino. They were particularly tickled by the bands of little kids from the neighborhood who, after being rewarded with a few coins and some candy, always ended their performance with a rousing rendition of "tenk you, tenk you, tenk you berry much tenk you!!"

Much to my chagrin, my girls did learn a Filipino Christmas song.....this one:


Leah said...

welcome back JMom...looking forward to reading and seeing your vacation photos.

Happy New Year!

JMom said...

Hi leah, thanks! I'll be posting lots of photos in the next few weeks probably there's so many! lol!

MrsPartyGirl said...

mygosh! si ninna din.

what's worse is, the "oldies" (lolos and lolas) wanted her to "boom-tarat" 100x a day. and if ninna isn't in the mood to indulge her fans, we (hubby and i!) had to "jumpstart" her by singing that darned song, too! aarrghh!

anyway, welcome back and happy new year! :D

Omom said...

Hahahahaha! Too funny!!!! I am so glad the girls experienced what makes Christmas in the Philippines so special.

JMom said...

hi mrspartygirl! lol! I can just imagine. I think every kid in the Philippines was doing boom tarat tarat! Every party and celebration we went to, someone was doing boom tarat tarat. No wonder my kids learned it so easy! :) Happy New Year!

hi sis, they are so funny. they would be sitting down doing their thing quietly and one of them would start humming the thing, next thing you know they are all up doing the boom tarat tarat dance in full! Brelle was even looking for translation of the lyrics online, so I ended up translating it for her so they would know what it is they are singing. lol!

Sugarmama said...

I thought it sounded very cheerful and festive indeed! But perhaps the lyrics aren't as innocent as they sound or something?

Either way, it's nice to see that you're back now. Love the photos you've posted.