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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, y'all!!

Well, we're back. We started out the year on the beach, how great is that!

However, that time in the sun was short lived. We are now back in the midst of winter in North Carolina, not that it's all bad or anything.
This was taken last Jan 18 (ignore the time stamp, I forgot to reset the camera), of our backyard. Our first snow of the season.

As much fun as we had over the holidays, we are glad to be back home and being in our own space again.

Aside from seeing the hubby, hot running water, and sleeping in our own beds again, it sure was nice to come home to this:

Although due to plain ole laziness I have gotten out of the habit of sending out Christmas cards, it was still nice to come home to a box full of well wishes. This group of cards was especially nice because I haven't met many of the senders yet I feel like they are all old friends. They are all from blogging friends from all over the world. You know who you generous people are, thank you very much.

The email inbox was also equally full of well wishes, thank you all who graciously sent greetings and even shared family photos. I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful faces.

Oh, and if you're wondering what that tidbits book is doing in the mix, well, it really was in the mix of mail I opened when we returned from vacation. It's my FREE copy of The Nasty Bits by Anthony Bourdain courtesy of Amstel Light. What a treat to come home to, eh?

I've acutally been home for over two weeks now, and I am just getting around to posting something so bear with me. I'll have lots of vacation photos to share soon.

The new blogger is messing with my Our Kitchen blog, so I also have to see if I can get that straightened out. If you've left a comment for me in the kitchen, I'm sorry to say that it is probably lost in bloggerland. The blog hasn't been taking any comments. Oh well.

On a higher note, while we were gone, we were voted Pinoy blog of the week! The Composed Gentleman runs a weekly poll of Filipino blogs and readers vote for their favorite. Thank you, talksmart, for nominating this blog.


Joan said...

Welcome back. Happy New Year.

Francesca said...

sarap ba vacation? now we are back to cold, waaah!
may snow na rin sa Nice, even bihira mag snow dito!

my kids do not like the cold, lol!

hope you are installing back nicely at home and blogging.
All the best!

JMom said...

Hi joan, thank you :)

Hi francesca, ang saraaap ng vacation! :) The girls and I all felt it was too short. Funny how we started missing things about Pinas like the warm weather, tilaok ng manok sa umaga, pandesal....and so on. Am trying to get back into the blogging schedule and get our photos together so I can share with you guys.