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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


CocoflanPreviously we talked of eating healthy vegetables. Today, lets talk about indulgences. What could be more sinfully indulgent than a piece of flan, and if you want to raise it up a notch, cocoflan!

The word flan is derived from French and Latin words that mean custard. Almost every cuisine has a version of flan, and it's basically composed of a combination of milk, eggs and sugar. The flan is known by various names: Creme Brulee, Creme Caramel, Egg Pie, Custard Tart.

Although the amount of creme and eggs may scare the cholesterol into your veins, there was a time when flans were associated with the many health benefits associated with eggs. I suppose just like anything in life, if taken in moderation, its benefits will outweigh the negatives. That's how I rationalize it anyway :) I make flan at least once a year when I see my mom. Flan is her favorite dessert and she requests it everytime I visit her. I like flan too, and once in a while I do indulge with the help of my eating buddy, Asi. She and I are the only ones who like this dessert in our house. The hubby and the other girls are not too crazy about the texture. The texture though, along with the slight sweetness is what makes this dessert for me and Asi. We don't like it cloyingly sweet like some versions we've tasted. The amount of sugar in this version was just right.

For the last couple of days, this has been my midnight snack. I am not a big dessert person, but I do enjoy dessert now and then. The best time to have dessert for me is after ten o'clock when the girls are snug in their beds and I can finally relax and curl my legs up in front of the tv with a serving of something sinful and sweet.
How about you, how do you like your dessert?

Click on the photo if you want to make cocoflan.


ann said...

It is one of Josh's favorites but i don't prepare this at home, as you said it is a sinful dessert...hehehe.

vernaloo said...

I so love the Leche Flan but my father always tell me to stay away from it because diabetes runs in our family. But from time to time I order it. Definitely sinful hehe :)

JMom said...

hi ann and vern, why are sinful things sooooo good? :D hay, I can be rich if I can take the calories out but still make it taste the same!

Joan said...

I love flan but don't have it often. I don't crave dessert as much as I use to. (I crave breads more now) but I agree dessert late at night is great.

JMom said...

omg, joan, you just made me hungry for some fresh baked bread! :) hmmm, great idea for the weekend!

Francesca said...

i like it too: sinful and sweet.
If only with that, I go sinning, I dont mind, lol

sheilamarie said...

yum! my favorite dessert of all :D i crave for it more because i don't get to eat it that often. the sweeter, the better!

JAZEVOX said...

cocoflan? this is the first time i ever heard of this flan version. i grow up with leche flan in our parties and special family gatherings, its one of my favorite food in the whole world! i love it chilled first. i introduced leche flan to my hubby, and now he is hook!