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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Green Bean Standoff

This kid is hillarious! You'd think he is being tortured!

I'm so glad I never had this kind of trouble from my girls. They always had vegetables with their meals, it was never an option to not have it. Meats are optional, not veggies. They are always amazed when they talk to their friends and even teachers and hear how they don't like to eat certain veggies or even any vegetables at all. Their friends and teachers in turn are surprised to learn that these girls will eat just about any vegetable put in front of them (provided it's not overcooked). At one time I had to cook artichokes for the kindergarten class because even the teacher did not know what artichokes are or how to eat them. Great show and tell!

How about you, do you have veggie troubles at your table?

Zucchini & Vidalia Onions in Our Kitchen


vernaloo said...

Oh I can totally relate to the kid. Eating veggies is a complete torture hehe

When I was little my father forced us to eat vegetables and we can't have a tantrum just so we can get away with it because we're scared of Papa hehe So what I usually do that time was...I will swallow a piece of eggplant then drink lots of water to wash it all down hehe :)

Dexie said...

yellow squash is a fight here but everything else is fair game.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

I was trained to eat veggies when i was little, there was some struggle to it though. Now i'm training my kids to, I can say that they have less struggle compared to me, woohooo! They are choosy though, but for a start i think that's ok

joan said...

I think I raised my kids the same. One is a great eater. The other is picky. I can't explain it.

Ann said...

I am not having a hard time serving vegetables in every meal to my kids, they like it specially carrots and potatoes, except ampalaya...hehehe.

JMom said...

lol! vern, good thing you didn't drown hehe! At least your parents didn't worry about you drinking enough water? :)

That's right, I have read that on your blog before, dexie! Ever tried frying it up and dipped in ranch dressing? That's always a hit with my youngest.

Hi hipncoolmomma, my youngest is the only finicky eater of the bunch, I think. The good thing is she veers more to vegetarianism so if she doesn't like our ulam, she just eats rice and veggies.

Hi joan, I know exactly what you mean! They just develop their own preferences even thought they grow up eating the same stuff. My youngest daughter will not eat seafood. Go figure! I can live on seafood :-)

hi ann, I forgot ampalaya! Yeah, I guess I can't say my kids like ALL vegetables because ampalaya is one that they will take a second look at...well, except for my eating buddy, Asi, the oldest who will give anything a try. Just like her mom :)

Omom said...

HAHAHAHA!!! That was too funny! I'm glad my girls are not as averse to green beans. Matter of fact, we're having it for dinner tonight. They love anything green, I think it's Lola's influence. Carrots and celery, not too much.

Dexie said...

hi Jmom, oh yeah like zucchini fritters huh? thanks for the suggestion. nobody eats ampalaya here but me so it's not part of the list..hehe.

JMom said...

hey sis, yeah I think if you start them out young and let it just be a fact of life to eat veggies, they won't think nothing of it.

hehe! I should do that too dex, take ampalaya out of the list that way I can still ALL :) we can file it under exotica.