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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our Happy Feet

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Back when I was younger
And my feet were much more tender
I couldn't stand to have them touched
I always had to keep them tucked

Then he came, he with the beautiful feet
He said come out in the sand and play
We played until the sand found the crevices between our toes
And the sun has painted them brown

Our feet have grown old together
They have walked miles beside each other
Walked behind each other
Chased each other at times kicked each other

But always they stood together
And when at the end of the day
They grew tired
They always find comfort in each other




Leah said...

Oh what a lovely poem..
Happy Valentine's Day too JMom

Francesca said...

naalala ko, nong maliit pa ako ang two blocks away from home, feeling ko kalayo!
then when I was 20, i walk the same block, biglang lumapit ang distance. Yun pala lumaki paa ko and lumaki din hakbang ko, haha.

Happy feet, happy mind, happy hearts sa yo Jmom!
bisous! (kisses)

JMom said...

Hi Leah and francesca, Happy hearts' day din sa inyo :)

sexy mom said...

it's a very sweet wonderful poem. happy feet, happy couple, happy family, belated happy v.alentine's day

JMom said...

hi sexy mom, thanks, and salamat sa pagdalaw :)