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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sweeter with Age

Like wine not only do we get better with age but apparently we get sweeter too. That's right. That is what my recent blood test indicated, anyway. I have joined the ranks of middle aged, overweight, hypertensive and diabetic population. How exciting.

It is a shock to come to terms with the reality of aging. I can't be so arrogant about my youth anymore. I can't take for granted that I will always be healthy and fit without trying. Those days are gone. The partying days, although they've been shelved for a while, always held the promise of possibly being relived again when the children are older. That's gone too.

Maybe it was auspicious that I've had this terrible cough and had to lay off smoking for the past week. Now that I received word of my deteriorating body, I might as well continue with the cessation. I think those vices (smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and sugar) I can easily give up for the sake of keeping healthy for a few more years, many if I'm lucky.

The hardest thing for me to give up will be food. Starches to be more precise. Food in all its forms and glory is my lasting vice and passion. I don't think it will ever go away. Although I have never been one to crave sweets on a regular basis, I do have occasional violent cravings for it. I think that will be manageable though. The ones that I will have more trouble with is on cutting the salt (I love salty snacks and well-seasoned dishes), cutting back on the fat (I'm just partial to fatty cuts of meat as I believe that is where all the flavor is) and cutting down on the portions.

I have never been one to use dietary products. I have always said if I can't have the real thing I'd rather not have it at all. I think I am still of that belief so you won't be seeing artificial sweeteners or low fat stuff on my food blog. I'll just be cutting them out...OR NOT. Help me!!

I really am sweeter now that I'm older....but aging still sucks!


Francesca said...

i object jmom! sori po.
Hindi ako tatanggap na middle age na tayo hihihi.
Ako 44 na, pero feel ko, ngayon pa lang ako nga 18, lol
kasi nag eenjoy pa while I can.
Pag nag kabaston na ako siguro saka, haha.

bata pa rin tayo, yung choices of pleasures and fun lang natin nag iiba. Kasi naging wiser na tayo in choosing.
Silliness is not anymore our palate.Di ba? wink!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

familiar ako sa mga sakit na yan, almost all in the family meron nyan, they even take meds for maintainance. diet is really important JMom. Yan ang sakit ng dad ko since the day i was born, but look, umabot pa din sya ng 79

stay healthy and fit JMom =)

Omom said...

I'm with Francesca, Old age will have to drag me kicking and screaming. LOL! Plus, it helps that I have toddlers to run after. Although, at the end of the day, I have to take my tylenol pm to ease the pain from arthritis on my spine (too much dancing, hehe). OK, so my bones are old, but my mind is young and there's always botox, restaline and someday a little nip here, a little tuck there, you get the idea. So I think you can still eat your cake, just not the WHOLE cake. Cheer up and go have some cheese with some of that whine, oops wine, I mean :-)


JMom said...

haha! Francesca, hirap nang itago dahil ang lalaki na ng mga bata. Pero tama ka, age is a state of mind.

hi hipncoolmomma, thanks I'm trying to make lifestyle changes and live and eat healthier so that maybe I will also reach my 70s or 80s in relatively good health. Hirap naman kung abutin mo nga yung ganong age tapos sakitin ka naman.

Hi sis, I'm trying to age gracefully rather than being dragged kicking and screaming :-P lol! That's ok, your turn will come those two will make you feel like the shrinking old woman when they start getting bigger than you are. haha!

Leah said...

I watched Oprah a month ago and it was an episode about women. There was this 70 yr old lady who looked like she was only 45. So, age is all relative. Realtive to how you take care of yourself.
Cutting down helps a lot. And letting go of the vices, even better.

Goodluck and happy health to you.

Chateau said...

Hi Jmom! I know how difficult it is to give up food. I've been eating "better" for a month now - cutting down on carbs and sweets and all good fatty stuff! Ang hirap talaga at first, but once you get through the 2nd week, it'll be easier. *winks*
I've been smoke-free for a month na rin. Let's keep our fingers crossed! Good luck sa atin. We can do it!

ann said...

When you see your kids getting older and bigger, you can't deny that fact that you're really getting older. Pero sa isip nga lang siguro yun...hehehe. Dapat feel and stay young palagi. Konting ingat na nga lang sa food.

Joan said...

Now I've got more freedom. My oldest can watch my youngest and all we want to do is stay in.

JMom said...

hi leah, I really admire senior citizens who still manage to have a full life. So yeah, I believe age is relative. I just hope I stay healthy enough to live fully until I die.

Wow, congrats on being smoke free for a month, chateau! I haven't been doing too bad with the smoking...just dropped it cold turkey and haven't had much trouble staying away from it. It's the food, the food, that is just breaking me!! I sure hope it gets better in a couple of weeks.

Hi ann, madali lang yung thinking young. Isip bata naman talaga ako most of the time. haha! It's the feeling young ang mahirap. O sya, walking exercise tayong lahat globally :)

Hi joan, isn't that weird? I have friends who are just becoming empty nesters and they say the same thing!

jacer said...

Middle age..I used to think 20 was old!!! Now I look in the mirror, and see my mom looking back at me!!!

I did not know, we get sweeter with age tho!!! Some who know me, may argue that point!!