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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Culinary Experiment

I love experimenting in the kitchen. I find great satisfaction when I come up with something not only unique but delicious as well. Then during one of my bloghopping forays I came upon this experiment to beat all experiments and I just had to share it with you. It is so hillariously outrageous, I felt the trans fats coating the top of my mouth while reading. It was scary. This should have been saved as a halloween treat.

Check out I want to Break Your Heart, a very funny article written by an unpaid intern. If you love fried stuff, hot dogs, bacon and cheese, you'll love this article.

Too bad I am now trying to preserve my arteries, so I'll pass trying this one out.


Omom said...

Just viewing the pics clogged up my arteries :-0 Bet that's going to be next next "hot" food item at the country fair....

jay_say said...

Hi there... found you through a search on Yahoo... hope you don't mind me stopping by.

I agree with the prior post... those pics... Never would have thought about those combinations of food together and still wouldn't do it.

JMom said...

hi sis, that's my thought too, that this is just in line with the fried twinkies and the lot :)

Hi jay_say, thanks for stopping by, I don't mind at all! One would have to have a really disturbed mind to come up with that combination. lol!

Joan said...

I read that article and I guess I don't like fried foods as much as I thought. I lost my appetite. Actually I can't eat much fried foods after a surgery I had. My daughter loves Easy Cheese. I have to limit her. Take care!

Francesca said...

its awfully done, mama mia. Being in a french kitchen, I cant stand her pan, her cooker, her way of preparing things! mama mia.
And she took photos for her blog???!!!

in french cuisine, presentation is highly recommended. And no fats. They use non fat oil or vegetable oil here for frying and with a pan used my chefs. Non stick, and on low fire please.

Basta, cant stand her way of cooking. Poor hotdogs!
but not ur fault,jmom

JMom said...

hi joan, I know what you mean. That made me not feel like frying anything for a while.

hi francesca, yeah, it's a good thing that wasn't supposed to be a food blog. haha! that would be awful!