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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sunset through the trees

In astrology, I am born under the fire sign. But, as I have never conformed to any astrological forecasts, I shouldn't wonder why, when I'm supposed to be fiery, I choose to be cool and calm. I like water.

Living in land locked Durham, I don't often see sunsets to the same degree that I did living by the ocean. Sunsets here take on a very different 'air', it even looks different.

One day, while walking out of Costco, this sun was setting behind the trees and it just made me miss the water.

Water has always been my comfort. When I am feeling down, depressed or sad I go to water to make me feel better. I seek out any body of water, be it a creek, a river, a lake or even a pond if I can't get to the ocean, and I instantly feel better. I used to sit on the sand and watch the sun set on the horizon. I watch it slowly slip down and marvel at the fading colors it leaves behind just before it totally fades to night. I watch the play of light on the water and I am soothed. I listen to the rippling sound it makes when it runs over a river bed, the thunder it makes when if falls of a cliff, and the awesome stillness of it when the breeze isn't blowing, and I am invigorated. I dip my toes or my fingers or my whole body in it and I am cleansed of all that troubles me. I love the water...


exskindiver said...

i agree with you.
water is soothing to me as well.
especially the ocean.
talk about land locked (for me)
so when i get to the ocean, no matter where the ocean is...i am in heaven.
it is not so much the feel of it but rather the sound and sight of it.
what is your favorite beach?

MrsPartyGirl said...

wow. after reading what you wrote here, i kinda missed the ocean, too. i guess, in my case, they can take the girl out of the island, but not the island (and the body of water that surrounds her) out of the girl.

MM Del Rosario said...

i love the ocean, here in Sydney we are very lucky that the beaches are not that far.

Wil said...

I actually live right by the beach. The water is cold though. but you're right. it's probably very relaxing to just chill along a body of water, especially now that the days are warmer.

vernaloo said...

reading your entry, it felt like I was actually in the beach taking a stroll...away from the chaos of the city.

toni said...

I, too, love the water. There's nothing more peacefulthan staring out into the beautiful seahearing the waves crash playfully. I love it.

Your picture triggered a bit of fear in me! Perhaps it was the silhouette of the tall trees against the angry red sun.

Sunsets are beautiful, but most beautiful when viewed by the sea.

Ferdz said...

Same here, the sound of water flowing or the waves crashing gives a relaxing sound that somehow eases the mind of everything. Even looking at the ripples and the reflection of the water has a calming effect.

But I also love that shot of the sunset behind the trees

JMom said...

hi exskindiver, my favorite beach is anywhere near the water :) hehe! I don't really have a favorite, but i do like beaches that are remote and not touristy.

hi mrspartygirl, i agree. Once an island girl, always an island girl :)

hi MM, you are so lucky. That was the biggest adjustment I had to make when we moved here from CA. I couldn't just drop by the beach anymore.

Hi wil, cold or not, I love the water. They all have their own personalities. I love the bay area beaches especially in the afternoon when it's foggy and cold and you can feel the salt on your face. You are lucky to live where you are.

Hi vern, yeah, water is my ultimate escape from chaos.

hi toni, yeah sunsets here take on a very different feeling. Not as calming as when it is over water.

hi ferdz, thank you :) I thought it was a pretty sunset too, and I do love the mystery of trees, but an island girl always associates sunsets with the ocean... kahit saan man siya mapadpad :)

Joan said...

I love it - you can see beauty in the world outside a Costco! I love the ocean but as I get older I find more peace in the mountains. I think part of the reason is most places I visit on the coast are so over developed.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

your post made me miss the beach, boracay in particular...arrrrggghhhh

i like your shot of the sunset though, it's pretty

Leah said...

I love the water too. The sound soothes me. And it is indeed calming.

nice photo...Happy mother's Day

Bill Bilig said...

very nice picture. looks like a cross too. belated happy mothers day pala :-)