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Monday, May 14, 2007

Just another Momma Day...

I'd like to think everyday is momma's day, but if we have to choose one special day to be mom's day, then I suppose the first Sunday in May is just as good as any. My mom and my sisters in California went out for dinner, an annual ritual for Mother's day so no one is stuck doing all the cooking, since we are a family of women after all and mothers, all of us.

Since I am all the way here on the other coast, I miss out on these family get togethers. Luckily I have my own troop of little women to pamper me, and I must say that they did a terrific job.

First, they let me sleep in as late as I wanted. For once, my youngest didn't wake me up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning to tell me she's hungry. Her dad and her big sisters took care of her. At about 9:30, I felt a soft kiss on my cheek. It's the Clone wishing me a Happy Mother's Day and what would I like for breakfast. She was being quite magnanimous because among her menu offerings was shrimps, eggs and fried rice. I say magnanimous because she so hates seafood that it can drive her to tears and gagging whenever we serve seafood, especially shrimps and crabs. Just the fact that she offered to serve me this already made my day and made me smile. I decided, to her great relief, to have a light breakfast and have some french toast instead. She dutifully wrote down the recipe for french toast and went to the kitchen where Jade and Asi were already getting things ready. She told them what to do and how to do it, and according to Jade, dipped three pieces of bread all by herself and put them on the skillet to cook.

She soon got tired of that. It was too messy on her hands so she set about fixing up the table. I hate to think what they did to take this overhead photo, but this is how they had the table. Now there are many things wrong with this table setting, but I was just too touched to give a lesson (again) on proper table setting. Because they did get the main thing right, and that is to show mom their love and appreciation.

I hope you had a happy mother's day or that if you're not a mom you took the time to wish you mom or mother figures a happy mother's day.


Omom said...

LOL!!! That cracked me up with the you know THAT'S love and a huge sacrifice! I can't wait to be treated for a mother's day breakfast in bed by my 2 lil ones...I'm glad you guys had fun, but sure would have loved it more if you were closer.


toni said...

Lovely lovely! That was so sweet of them. Happy Mother's Day, JMom!

Joan said...

Glad you had a nice day. My husband and kids fixed brunch for my parents and me.

Wil said...

Looks like a healthy breakfast. I also make sure to eat 3-4 fruits for breakfast.

And as you said, everyday should be mother's day. :)

exskindiver said...

that mango looked so delicious.
i actually salivated.
its clear that you are loved.

chateau said...

Wow, yummy spread! What thoughtful kids naman you have! You're doing a great job with them.
Since everyday should be momma's day, Happy Momma's Day! :D

Francesca said...

sana lahat ng moms day ay yun bang: parelaks relaks, basa ng book in bed, with tea and biscuit.
Then darating ang mag mamasage lady to treat mom for two hours.
Then spa. Its a dream come true, isnt it. No kids, no husband. Alone...
Kahit isang araw lang sana na ganun, haha.
Sarao ng mangga bayun sa plate? yum yum